Registered Massage Therapist
Member of the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia since 2000

The Halifax Professional Centre
5991 Spring Garden Road • Suite 577
Halifax, Nova Scotia • B3H 1Y6
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Halifax Runner

I am a runner. I have run numerous half marathons and a couple of 10Ks. In 2008 I ran my first marathon, the Bluenose Marathon, here in Halifax. I've been in good shape and I've had injuries that sidelined me. I've felt in top form and I've fallen off the wagon (currently huffing and puffing my way back on). I am familiar with a host of running issues, physical and psychological.

I have numerous clients who are also runners of varying distances and I find it exciting to be a part of my clients' training process, helping where I can with physical impediments - and I love hearing the stories of each person's training plans, obstacles and triumphs.

This is a photograph of me and my mother Soledad after we ran the Bluenose 5K together. She is a beginning runner and it was her first road race ever. The following day I was telling someone proudly about how well she did in the race and it occurred to me to check her time on line. It turns out my mother came fourth in her age category! I am so proud of her, I brag to everyone about how well she did - and now I am bragging to all of you.