Registered Massage Therapist
Member of the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia since 2000

The Halifax Professional Centre
5991 Spring Garden Road • Suite 577
Halifax, Nova Scotia • B3H 1Y6
902 • 580 • 2708


Massage Instruction for Couples

I offer private massage therapy instruction for couples. I can teach you how to give each other a soothing, relaxing massage - or if one of you is suffering from chronic pain, I can show you massage therapy techniques to use on a regular basis that will help reduce pain.

Massage therapy instruction appointments are conducted in my regular treatment room, and the session will last one hour or ninety minutes. The fee is the same as my usual massage therapy fee.



Wait Times for Surgery, Diagnostic Tests and Referrals in Nova Scotia

I frequently see people who are on long waiting lists for surgery (knee replacement, hip replacement, cardiac or cancer surgery), diagnostic tests (bone density, MRI, CT scan) and appointments with specialists (genetic, prenatal, pediatric, cancer, metabolic).  Sometimes the wait list for the service you need is shorter outside your community, in a different town or city - and you may be able to be seen sooner if you are willing to travel to a facility with a shorter wait time.  
This is a very interesting Government of Nova Scotia web site that lists the different wait times for surgery, diagnostic tests and referrals to specialists, according to community.  
Wait Times in Nova Scotia