Registered Massage Therapist
Member of the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia since 2000

The Halifax Professional Centre
5991 Spring Garden Road • Suite 577
Halifax, Nova Scotia • B3H 1Y6
902 • 580 • 2708

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do people get massage treatments?
A. People come for massage treatments for many reasons. Massage can help an immediate, painful problem like if you wake up and can't move your neck or back. Massage can also help alleviate pain that has existed for years, like pain due to arthritis. In general, massage decreases pain and improves your flexibility and ability to move. Massage also helps you unwind, relax, slow your mind down and de-stress.

Q. Does anyone fall asleep during a treatment?
A. Frequently. Sometimes people sleep for five or ten minutes. Sometimes they drift in and out of sleep.

Q. Does anyone snore?
A. Frequently. The body does all sorts of things when it's relaxing. People snore, snort, twitch, pass gas, sputter and sometimes drool... Arms swing off the table, jaws hang open... It's all natural and it's all okay.

Q. I just came from work and didn't have time to shower, is that horrible?
A. No. I appreciate clients washing before a treatment, but it's not a problem if you don't have time.

Q. What if I didn't shave my legs?
A. It doesn't matter to me.

Q. Are there some things that bother you about doing massage?
A. The smell of cigarettes or cologne can be pretty overwhelming. If clients refrain from both before a treatment, I appreciate it.

Q. I don't know why, but I talked about something very personal during my treatment. It's almost like I didn't mean to, but I just said it. Is that normal?
A. Yes. As the body relaxes, so do the mind and heart. Sometimes thoughts or feelings come up and people talk. I'm a physical therapist - not trained in psychology, so I can't give you advise or delve into issues, but I can listen.

Q. What about confidentiality?
A. Everything you say during your treatment is completely confidential. So is your file, your health history form and your identity as my client.

Q. Do you get together with your clients for social events?
A. I really enjoy the relationships I have with each of my clients during our treatment times, but I don't socialize with clients.