Registered Massage Therapist
Member of the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia
Since 2000

2369 Agricola Street • Suite 202
Halifax, Nova Scotia • B3K 4B7
902 • 580 • 2708


Online Booking

"Just because you have to drive on the highway doesn't mean you have to be a speed demon. But you do have to go the speed limit."

Those were the words of wisdom I heard recently about my reluctance to use some technology, specifically an online booking program. It's true that the speed limit has changed. It's time for me to catch up. So I am now offering online booking. I'm still getting to know the program, so there might be a few speed bumps along the way, but I invite you to check it out. The program has many functions in addition to online booking, including being able to receive email receipts and email and/or text reminders and payment with credit cards. Please let me know how you find it and if you have any suggestions for change.

To set up your account, follow the link at the top of this site that says "Book an Appointment" and then the link that says "Sign Up".

New Fees

New Fees
I've raised my massage therapy fees to account for the recent need to pay HST.
1 hour = $90
1.5 hour = $135
For those who are paying on a sliding scale, the fee won't change.

New Location

On July 1st, 2019 my massage therapy practice will have a new home! I will be moving to the Professional Centre, located on the corner of Spring Garden & Robie streets. Lots of other health care providers are in the building. Starbucks on the ground floor. The building is not as beautiful as the building on Agricola Street, but the treatment space is beautiful. It's bigger than my old room (312 square feet) and right at tree level, facing south onto Robie street. And oh so quiet. I am confident that we're all going to love it. Here are my new coordinates:

The Professional Centre
5991 Spring Garden Road, Suite 577
Halifax, NS B3H 1Y6
(902) 580-2708 (still the same) (still the same)

But until July 1st, you'll still find me at:
2369 Agricola Street
Halifax, NS B3K 4B7