Registered Massage Therapist
Member of the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia since 2000

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Treat Yourself 
A Therapeutic, Self-Massage Workshop 
2 Hours

Is your neck sore? Does your back ache? Are you stressed out? There is help - and that help is you! 

Massage therapy helps decrease stress, diminish pain, keeps your muscles and joints healthy, improves circulation, encourages better breathing, and promotes an overall feeling of wellness. But for many people, massage is an occasional treat rather than a regular occurrence. Wouldn't it be great to experience some of the relief you get from a massage at home, in your own time, for free? In this two hour workshop, Jessica Marsh RMT will teach you how to treat yourself with a variety of massage techniques.

Workshop participants will learn a 5-minute revitalizing routine to restore energy and a 5-minute relaxation routine to help improve sleep. Participants will also learn how to treat common areas of stress in their own bodies - feet, hips, back and neck - using trigger point release, myofascial release, classic massage and self treatment with a lacrosse ball. There will be time to ask for advice about any other areas of concern you may have. 

Participants remain fully clothed, with bare or sock feet. Work is done on the floor on a yoga mat and/or seated. Recommended participants: minimum 8, maximum 12. For more information or to book a workshop for your business, organization or group, email: or call (902) 580-2708

Jessica Marsh has been a registered massage therapist (RMT) since 2000. She taught anatomy and massage therapy at Northumberland College and has a busy independent practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Testimonials from Workshop Participants:

“I found out about muscles I didn’t even know I had! Jessica is a very good instructor. Even though I had no previous knowledge about massage, I understood everything she taught us.”

“I felt great afterwards. I went into the workshop with leg and joint pain and left with none. I learned how sore my muscles were and I also learned how much I can do about it.”

- Treat Yourself participants from the Dartmouth North Community Centre

“People really liked the Treat Yourself workshop Jessica brought to our health group, because they learned how to take care of themselves and be less in need of others. In the following meeting, most of the participants remembered what Jessica taught and taught those techniques to the new members of the group. These are good skills for ISANS clients to have, especially when they are living with financial constraints and can’t afford things like massage or physiotherapy.”

- Carmen Celina Moncayo, Community Wellness Coordinator, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)

"Jessica delivered a series of Treat Yourself workshops for us who are seniors living on limited budgets and do not have easy access to massage therapy. Her sessions were wonderful, enjoyable, full of excellent information, exercises and suggestions on how to use ordinary objects (like rolling pins, tennis balls, elbows and fists) to release tight spots in our body. Not only did she provide us with a useful learning experience but she also brought us the gift of laughter, which in my book is another important healing tool."